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XBRL is the international standard for computer readable accountancy data. iXBRL is the HMRC standard to allow this data to be viewed in a browser. All CT600 submissions must now include both iXBRL Accounts and iXBRL Computations. Ftax is recognised by HMRC to both produce iXBRL Computations, and to submit CT600s online with iXBRL Computations and iXBRL Accounts attached.

The Ftax CT600 now includes an iXBRL button on the opening page. This will return an email with the iXBRL Computations attached. The iXBRL Accounts, produced by any HMRC recognised iXBRL Accounts generating software, may be attached to the CT600 along the Ftax iXBRL Computations. You will then be ready to submit the CT600 online to HMRC. Ftax does not produce the iXBRL Accounts files itself.

Ftax + 'VT Final Accounts'
'Hypercube iXBRL-assist'
= CT600 iXBRL tax filing solution

Ftax recommend three optional ways to produce iXBRL Accounts files:

  1. VT Software 'Final Accounts' package may be used to output iXBRL Accounts files. This software will cost £200 for unlimited use during the first year, and £150 for subsequent years. Click here for further details on 'VT Final Accounts' and to purchase.
  2. The VT Software Final Accounts package may also be used to tag accounts prepared on a spreadsheet.
  3. Hypercube Consultancy 'iXBRL-assist' tagging service may be used if you wish to have your spreadsheet or Word document accounts tagged for you. Quote 'Ftax' for a 10% discount from their list prices which start at £89 per set of accounts. Click here for further details on the 'iXBRL-assist' service.

iXBRL Made Very Easy

  1. Either:
    • 1.1 Use VT Software 'Final Accounts' to prepare the company accounts and to output the iXBRL Accounts file.
    • OR
    • 1.2. Prepare the company accounts on your spreadsheets, then use VT Final Accounts to tag the accounts data to produce the iXBRL Accounts file.
    • OR
    • 1.3 Use the 'iXBRL-assist' service to tag your spreadsheet or Word document for you and to produce the iXBRL Accounts file.
  2. Complete the Ftax CT600 before clicking the 'iXBRL' button on the opening page. The iXBRL Computations file will be returned via email.
  3. Click the 'Attachments' button on the second page of the Ftax CT600 and attach both the iXBRL Accounts and iXBRL Computations files.
  4. Click the 'Submit' button on the opening page of the Ftax CT600 to submit the tax return and iXBRL attachments online to HMRC. An onscreen receipt and two emails will confirm that HMRC have received the submission.

For more information on iBXRL, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a tax agent, click here to download a demo of the Ftax CT600 featuring iXBRL Computations. Click here if you are not a tax agent and would like to view the CT600 iXBRL demo.

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