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  • Ftax Agent Records 2016
  • Ftax Agent Records 2016

    Ftax Agent Records is an addition to your Ftax Account that will record all of your tax filing submission details. It will clarify the submission status for each client, protect against HMRC fines, and maintain an archive for future reference. Form data may be Exported to your account, and Imported back into the form, at any time prior to submission.

    - Records all clients' submission data
    - Displays all recorded data for each client for each tax year
    - Overviews the status of all submissions in real time via the Client Manager
    - All recorded data files may be downloaded
    - Subscription/data recording may be cancelled at any time
    - SUBSCRIPTION FREE if selected with a forms package

    Data recorded for each client includes:

    - the form XFDF data
    - the PDF Copy of the submitted tax return
    - the XML tax return data submitted to HMRC
    - the HMRC error/success receipt returned
    - a list of all submissions made along with their outcomes


Ftax Records


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