An automatic 15% Loyalty Discount will be applied to all purchases in April for customers who bought a product for the previous tax year and who have ticked the 'Subscribe' box in 'My Account' before they purchase.

Why Ftax?

Whether you are an individual, business or tax agent, Ftax is the simple, low cost way to prepare and file your tax returns online to HMRC.

HMRC Recognised Software

Ftax has been recognised by HMRC as a third-party supplier of online tax filing software for more than 20 years running. The Ftax service is fully compliant with all HMRC tax filing requirements, including the generation of iXBRL files for Company tax return submissions, and ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) for VAT submissions. Ablegatio (Ftax) appears on all appropriate ‘3rd Party Supplier’ lists on the HMRC website.



Ftax is simple:

  • Ftax forms look exactly like HMRC’s tax forms.
  • Tax calculations are clearly explained.
  • All essential features have been included, and no more.
  • You can purchase, download, and use immediately.
  • Tax return forms may be pre-populated.

Ftax is low cost:

  • Low cost options are available for all tax return forms.
  • Immediate no questions asked refunds made on request.
  • 15% loyalty discount applied for existing customers (if purchased in April).

Ftax is HMRC recognised:

  • All tax return forms are recognised by HMRC for online tax filing.
  • iXBRL accounts and computations generation included with the CT600.
  • Ftax VAT fully conforms with HMRC’s MTD requirements.
  • Ablegatio Ftax will follow all future MTD developments.

Ftax is complete:

  • All tax supplementary sections included.
  • Ftax offers a complete tax and accounting solution for small businesses.
  • All submitted tax filing data is automatically archived.
  • Ftax forms work on both PCs and Macs. Ftax web forms also work on tablets and iphones.

The Ftax Service

Ftax provides the following forms used to submit tax returns online to HMRC:

The low-cost Ftax Cashbook is used to record business income and expenses, and to calculate and populate the VAT and tax return forms.

The Ftax service is managed through your Ftax Account via which you can obtain expert led Ftax Support when required. This will be either an Ftax for Individuals, Ftax for Businesses, or an Ftax for Agents account. Note: If you are self-employed or a landlord then you must use the Ftax for Business service. You will also be able to complete your personal tax returns here.

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