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A big "Thank you" to all our customers who have emailed us comments. The Ftax team really do appreciate it.


Excellent service, as always.

Very prompt feedback and resolution of problem - thanks.

Great turnaround time from Richard. Fantastic support tool - way better than emails.


Excellent response time. Problem solved.

Great Service quick and to the point.

Thank you for your patience and very helpful guidance.


Had a great response originally from Li and then especailly from Richard - both very helpful and quick to respond as the filing deadline was looming large - my initial enquiry was at around 11pm and we managed to file the CT600 with minutes to spare - don't you just love 31st Jan!! It's usually SA returns I get stuck with - note to self - don't leave it until the last minute next year :-)

Excellent response time!

Great service - query on failed submission after midnight, answered and sorted within 15 mins.

The support was very good, Thank you

First class service promptly and accurately given

Thanks for your patience and for sending clear responses to resolve the issue.

Good service.


Was not expecting a reply at this hour. And one so quickly – amazing. Note: question 23:21, response 23:51.

Many thanks. Have used Ftax for years and would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Excellent service as usual – much appreciated.

Ftax is such a good product, and the service and help is excellent.


Followed your advice and it worked a treat! Thanks also for your very quick (almost instantaneous) response.

The value for money you offer at Ftax is incredible.


Without the Ftax software working we do not have a business

  • [READ]2011/12

    I’ve used FTAX for 4 years now and this was by far the most efficient. The only problem I had was dealt with efficiently by you.

    Hi, I've been happy with the service and cost of the past few years.

    Hi, I would like to say your ftax software is very good, Support was very helpful and I got advice/replies within minute’s

    thank you

    Firstly: The Service.

    It's always extremely helpful and (especially important) friendly. And you're never made to feel a nuisance nor that you are asking a stupid question (even when you are - eg my not being able to email a Partnership Tax Return to a client because the procedure for SA800s was different to the procedure for SA100s). You’ll get the answer you need. I realise that you are all under as much pressure as us at the peak of SA so that’s understandable.

    Secondly: The Cost.

    This is pitched just right for a small practice such as mine.

    Thirdly: The Product.

    Really good, very easy to follow and far superior to the Revenue’s own online filing system, which is very slow and convoluted. I particularly like the new system whereby Ftax identifies whether a client has a credit from the UTR so that the whole thing is done without my having to log in and download data and/or allocate a credit myself.

    Hi, Great – no problems worked really well,

    Very impressed and a big thank you.

    I think that your product is excellent.

    Thanks for all your help again this year

    Ftax worked very well this year and so did HMRC’s systems. We had no problems and were finished early this year (about noon on 31st January).

  • [READ]2010/11

    Just to let you know that this tax package (ixbrl CT600) is an excellent user friendly and value for money tool.

    Excellent tax software and the best support response that our company has ever received.

    The software is getting better every year! Thanks

    It's one of the wonders of your system that your're able to come back with a reply to an enquiry so extremely quickly during the last weekend before the tax deadline!

    Brilliant! Thank you very much. I was impressed with your excellent customer service over the past 2 years using FastTax. Now I'm bowled over.

    I can't believe the promptness of your responses!

    Thanks for your excellent support and super response times. The program was really easy to use, even for a computer Philistine.......It was a real breath of fresh air when you replied so instantly. Never thought that I would be pleased and excited to fill up a tax form! Thanks once again. I'm just so happy. Think I'll have to go and get a beer to celebrate!

    Brilliant service, simple and reassuring. I did find it a little hard to work out what to click at first as I am not expert in Adobe navigation, so the online demo was a godsend. What else can I say? You guys are perfect. I will be back next year. Thank you! Once again Ftax has worked very nicely and indeed is very slick and painless. Thanks for your help.

    Amazing speed! The consensus that you are fast is correct. Thanks

    I wanted to thank you very much for providing me with such an outstanding service and support. As an individual I really felt that I was in safe hands and that you would see me through. I will deffinately be using your services again and will also recommend you as a value for money and efficient company. Brilliant A++++++

    One of the best laid out websites I've seen. Very easy to see what products are offered, which are relevant and exactly what you get. Good price, all the forms, very easy to complete and submit. I am seriously impressed and glad to have found it (specially having left my SA until late in the day!). Thank you!

    I think Ftax is great. Much better than TaxCalc which I used last year. And your prompt responses to my queries were much appreciated.

    Just a note to say how impressed I am with your super-fast service in sending me a copy of Ftax. Speedy response like that really engenders confidence in both the product and the company.

    I must say I hadn't anticipated such personal contact when I made my comments - it just makes your product even better in my eyes.

    I used it and found it much easier than TaxCalc.

  • [READ]2009/10

    The support offered on this product is breathtaking - it is after all a bank holiday weekend!

    I bought online at 5.27pm last night and got the software this morning, now that is service!

    What a marvellous service so far. Ordered my Tax disc approx 15.00 hrs on the 28th. Came through my letter box by 10.00hrs on the 29th!!! Well done.

    Great support, convinced me to change from TaxCalc!

    Thank you for your sympathetic ear when I was describing my problem yesterday, imagine my surprise when I answered the door bell last evening to discover one of you colleagues handing me a CD. This is service beyond compare.

    It looks like the Tax return and is quite straightforward to fill in. It also has a comprehensive list of additional pages (foreign, etc).

    Great form, really easy to use. It's good that it looks like the tax form from the HMRC.

    It worked!! Looks exactly like the form, easy to use, great piece of work... I really like the ability to work offline before submitting.

    Clear layout and instructions. Calculates the tax for you. Includes the supplementary pages. In general a good concept well executed. Many thanks!

    Thanks for a great service. It's all gone through without a hitch.

    Ease of use - simple instructions and tips that even an idiot like me can understand. I had typed in a 1 instead of an I as my user ID and was SO GRATEFUL to the tip allerting me that mistakes in that box are very common. THANKYOU.

    Usually doing my tax form is a nightmare, your form made it really easy and I shall certainly use it again.

    Thankyou for saving my sanity!

  • [READ]2008/09

    Thanks very much for the speedy (and re-assuring) response!

    Highlighting problems in yellow and suggesting solutions was very good!

    Looks like the real thing, easily amended - no tipex required!

    Calculates your tax liability with immediate confirmation.

    I found the forms well laid out and easy to fill in and was extremely pleased that it actually calculated my tax.

    It was so much more straightforward to use than the HMRC self assessment online and being able to complete it offline was a real bonus.

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