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The Ftax form can now generate both iXBRL Computations and iXBRL Accounts files. Provided that an Ftax credit has been allocated to the UTR then as many iXBRL files as required may be generated.


iXBRL Accounts

The Ftax CT600 form now includes an 'Accounts' section. Either ‘Micro Entity’ or ‘Small Company’ accounts may be selected. Data entered can be converted into iXBRL via the 'iXBRL' button on the opening page of the form. The iXBRL Accounts file returned via email must then be attached to the CT600 form before submission. Note: the Ftax software will not produce your accounts, but will carry out the 'tagging' and iXBRL Accounts file generation.


iXBRL Computations

The Ftax CT600 form will generate the iXBRL Computations file from data within the form, the Profits worksheet, and the Capital Allowances worksheets. Click the 'iXBRL' button at the bottom of the opening page and select 'iXBRL Computations'. The file returned by email can then be attached to the form via the 'Attachments' bookmark on the left, before being submitted to HMRC.


Click here to view the iXBRL FAQs.

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