The Ftax team are working on a low-cost ITSA solution to be launched April 2026. Contact us for further information.

Ftax Pricing

Ftax pricing is simple, low cost, and fair

Tax return cost

Whether you are:

… Ftax product pricing is:

Simple tax return Low cost tax return HMRC recognised tax
Simple - allowing you to quickly and easily purchase exactly what you need. Low cost - whichever tax returns you need to complete and submit. Fair  - providing great value however many tax returns you file.


A 15% loyalty discount will be automatically applied when existing customers purchase in April.

Ftax products include forms and credits. Each credit allows one tax filer’s tax liability to be calculated and the tax return to submit online to HMRC as many times as required during that tax year. The Ftax forms are identical to the annual HMRC tax returns. An Ftax Cashbook credit will enable one tax filer’s incomes and expenses to be entered for one defined tax year and any number of their VAT submissions to be made during that same year.

Ftax entry prices are extremely low:

  • for Individuals – prices from £19.50 +VAT, £23.40 inc VAT
  • for Businesses – prices from £11 +VAT, £13.20 inc VAT
  • for Agents - prices from £11 +VAT, £13.20 inc VAT

Whether you are a tax agent who only needs a few more tax return credits for additional clients, or a tax filer wishing to give Ftax a go, then the cost will be minimal. If you change your mind, a refund will be applied immediately and without question.

Ftax is able to keep prices low by operating extremely efficiently. This is achieved by employing only UK based qualified experts and by keeping overhead costs low. Ftax is highly automated and largely self-service. Even the loyalty discounts are applied automatically.

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